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Adding Drama to Garden & Containers

The Elephant Ears is a plant that attracts attention, go for the black Magic variety.  The leaves are enormous. A combination of Elephant ear plants and smaller flowering plants creates a lush, tropical forests, adding drama to both gardens and containers

The most recognized forms have heart or arrow-shaped leaves with decorative veining, inspiring the common name elephant ears. No plant satisfies the craving for a taste of the tropics like elephant ear plants.

Water Gardens a Relaxing Oasis

Even the tiniest of outdoor spaces can benefit from a small garden pond ideas if you are looking to update your courtyard, patio or even your balcony.

Garden pond ideas don't need to be vast to make an impression. A modern strip of water amongst sleek paving or chic bowl design will still turn heads and make a soothing yet certainly stylish statement. Surrounded by plants, you can transform any lackluster scene into a relaxing oasis. Wildlife, like birds, and butterflies, will love it too